Five Star Service: How to deliver exceptional customer service, 3rd edition

  • Michael Heppell

Five Star Service

ISBN-13:  9781292100203

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Create magic moments that get you noticed, remembered and referred. Providing excellent customer service is the surest way to greater success for your organisation and a more successful career for you. And it's not half as difficult or time consuming to achieve as you might think!

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Table of contents


1. The Service Star


Part 1

The psychology of service

2. Loyalty 3.0

3. Make them feel famous

4. Trust me

5. One chance to make a first impression

6. Forget about the exceptional

7. Big Buyer is watching you

8. 99 per cent of people are good…

9. The top three referability habits


Part 2

Emotional engineering

10. The emotional bank account

11. Wee Wows™

12. What’s in a name?

13. Customer magic moments

14. What's in a smile?

15. Send cards

16. Special requirements

17. Putting on the Ritz

18. Creativity gives better service



Part 3

Inspiring interactions

19. Beware the silent customer
20. Super scripts

21. Telephone service

22. Advanced telephone service

23. Voicemail, answering machines and automated call queue systems

24. It’s not what you say



Part 4

Boiler room basics


25. Embracing new technology

26. RADAR thinking™

27. RADAR thinking™ at work

28. Designing fantastic service

29. Spanners and Heroes

30. Suppliers are customers too

31. Making the mundane marvellous

32. Systemise routines – personalise exceptions

33. The distraction of dirt

34. Secret shopper


Part 5

Navigating the negatives

35. Complaints, a chance to shine!

36. The blind spot

37. The customer is always right – not

38. Feel, felt, found

39. I honestly don't care about your problems

40. It’s your best friend – the awkward customer 


Part 6

Lessons in leadership

41. Who wants to fly with Captain Denny?

42. Heads up!

43. Recruiting service professionals
44. Be individual, encourage individuals

45. Restoration team

46. Ring the bell

47. Service values

48. Empowering staff


Part 7

Business blueprint

49. Rate the brand

50. Service PR

51. Sell me a solution

52. Building a customer service brand

53. Hills and valleys

54. Using 5 Star Service as a training resource




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