Foods: Experimental Perspectives, 8th edition

  • Margaret McWilliams


For courses in experimental foods, food science, and related topics


Preparing aspiring professionals with clearly written, in-depth scientific coverage of food and its safe preparation.

Never before has food received so much attention. Today's news shines a spotlight on food, food science, and nutrition — beckoning today’s readers to an exciting career in this essential industry. Foods: Experimental Perspectives, Eighth Edition blends the underlying science with discussion of GMOs, sustainability, healthy and trendy food choices, and other current consumer issues. Its clear presentation of the science guides readers through complex concepts that influence practices in food preparation and product development.

The study of foods begins with an in-depth presentation of carbohydrates and food sources, followed by a careful look at lipids, and ultimately proteins and their principal sources. Aspects of the food supply, including safety, preservation, and additives are then examined. Discussion of the research process and evaluation techniques used in food research and product development close the text. Professional vocabulary is developed through margin definitions and a substantial glossary, while other learning aids — chapter objectives, summaries, study questions, "Food for Thought" boxes, and photos — support the reader's journey through the exciting look at food, food science, and food safety.

Table of contents

1. Today’s Food Scene

Part I: Physical Perspectives

2. Water

3. Physical Aspects of Food Preparation

Part II: Carbohydrates

4. Overview of Carbohydrates

5. Monosaccharides, Disaccharides, and Sweeteners

6. Starch

7. Vegetables and Fruits

Part III--Lipids

8. Overview of Fats and Oils

9. Fats and Oils in Food Products

Part IV: Proteins

10. Overview of Proteins

11. Milk and Milk Products

12. Meat, Fish, and Poultry

13. Eggs

14. Dimensions of Baking

15. Baking Applications

Part V: Food Supply Perspectives

16. Food Safety Concerns and Controls

17. Food Preservation

18.  Food Additives

Part VI: Research Perspectives

19. The Research Process

20. Sensory Evaluation

21. Objective Evaluation


Appendix: Metrics


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