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  4. Foundations of Digital Art and Design with the Adobe Creative Cloud

Foundations of Digital Art and Design with the Adobe Creative Cloud, 1st edition

  • xtine Burrough

Published by New Riders (August 7th 2013) - Copyright © 2014

1st edition

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Foundations of Digital Art and Design with the Adobe Creative Cloud

ISBN-13: 9780133374483

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Table of contents

Introduction: What are the foundations of digital art and design?

Exercise 1.    Operating Systems

Exercise 2.    Downloading Work Files

Exercise 3.    Using the e-book

Exercise 4.    Creative Commons

Section 1: Bits, Pixels, Vectors, and Design (Adobe Illustrator)

Chapter 1: The Dot, the Path and the Pixel

Exercise 1.    File Presets in Illustrator

Exercise 2.    Shapes, Fills, and Strokes

Exercise 3.    Figure and Ground with Repeated Dots

Screencast: The Pattern Brush

Exercise 4.    Grouping and Alignment

Exercise 5.    A Figure and Ground or “On” and “Off” Study

Lab Challenge

Chapter 2: Drawing Expressive Lines

Exercise 1.    Place and Lock an Image

Exercise 2.    Understanding Layers

Exercise 3.    Create Lines with the Pencil Tool

Exercise 4.    Duplicate the Composition

Exercise 5.    Add a Gradient Background

Exercise 6.    Create Depth with Contrasting Values

Screencast: Adding the “Swoosh” at the Horizon

Exercise 7.    Master Files, Shared Files

Lab Challenge

Chapter 3: Modify Basic Shapes

Exercise 1.    Create a Document with One Artboard

Exercise 2.    Create Two Basic Shape Combinations

Exercise 3.    Duplicate the Artboard and Unite the Paths

Exercise 4.    Duplicate the Artboard and Modify the Shapes

Screencast: Modify Paths with the Pen and Direct Selection Tools

Exercise 5.    Reflect and Copy a Second Half onto the Profile Icon

Exercise 6.    Brush Details into the Treetop

Exercise 7.    Add a Background Color and Save a Multi-page PDF

Lab Challenge

Section 2: Digital Photography (Adobe Photoshop and Bridge)


Chapter 4. Creating and Organizing Digital Photographs (Your Camera, Bridge)

Exercise 1.    Camera Mechanics: How does the camera create a photograph?

Exercise 2.    Camera Settings

Exercise 3.    Bracketing

Exercise 4.    Before You Shoot…

Exercise 5.    Rule of Thirds

Exercise 6.    Bridge Workspaces

Exercise 7.    Batch Rename

Screencast: Renaming files in Bridge

Exercise 8.    Labeling Files

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