Foundations of Earth Science, 9th edition

  • Frederick K Lutgens
  • Edward J. Tarbuck
  • Dennis G. Tasa


Foundations of Earth Science is the brief version of the best-selling Earth Science by Lutgens, Tarbuck, and Tasa. This straightforward text presents the world around you with up-to-date coverage of geology, oceanography, meteorology, and astronomy. With uncomplicated writing, a stunning Illustration program, and a structured learning path, the 9th Edition features the latest data and applications and new data analysis activities.

Table of contents

Introduction to Earth Science

UNIT I - Earth Materials

1. Matter and Minerals

2. Rocks:Materials of the Solid Earth

UNIT II - Forces Within

3. PlateTectonics: A Scientific Revolution Unfolds

4. RestlessEarth: Earthquakes and Mountain Building

5. Volcanoes and Other Igneous Activity

UNIT III - Sculpting Earth’s Surface

6. Landscapes Fashioned by Water

7. Glacial and Arid Landscapes

UNIT IV - Deciphering Earth’s History

8. GeologicTime

UNIT V - The Global Ocean

9. Oceans:The Last Frontier

10. TheRestless Ocean

UNIT VI - Earth’s Dynamic Atmosphere

11. Heating the Atmosphere

12. Moisture, Clouds, and Precipitation

13. The Atmosphere in Motion

14. Weather Patterns and Severe Weather

UNIT VII - Earth’s Place in the Universe

15. The Nature of the Solar System

16. Beyond Our Solar System

Appendix A: Metric and English Units Compared

Appendix B: Relative Humidity and Dew-Point Tables

Appendix C: Stellar Properties to Earth Science

Published by Pearson (February 1st 2021) - Copyright © 2022