Foundations of Operations Management, Fourth Canadian Edition, 4th edition

  • Larry P. Ritzman
  • Lee J. Krajewski
  • Manoj K. Malhotra
  • Robert D. Klassen

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As with previous Canadian editions, Ritzman continues to focus on meeting the need in many educational settings for a shorter book that has strong coverage of critical concepts and retains a rich set of pedagogical features.


Fundamentals of Operations Management places an emphasis on three critical themes for operations management; effective process management, the importance of cross-functional integration, and the role of operations in the creation of customer value. This unifying theme for service and manufacturing organizations builds bridges between each chapter and opens up the topics in operations to all students, regardless of their academic background or career paths.

Table of contents

Chapter 1      Creating Customer Value

Chapter 2      Supply Chain Management

Chapter 3      Supply Chain Sustainability and Humanitarian Logistics

Chapter 4      Process Configuration

Chapter 5      Capacity

Chapter 5S    Waiting Lines

Chapter 6      Inventory Management

Chapter 7      Quality and Process Improvement

Chapter 8      Lean Systems

Chapter 9      Managing Projects

Chapter 10     Location and Layout

Chapter 11     Managing Demand and Forecasting

Chapter 12     Operations Planning and Scheduling

Chapter 13     Resource Planning


Published by Pearson Canada (July 21st 2015) - Copyright © 2016