FT Guide to Foreign Exchange Trading, 1st edition

  • Stuart Fieldhouse

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An introduction to the fast growing $1.5 billion foreign exchange trading marketplace, showing you how the markets work, how to trade them successfully and how to mitigate risk.

The Financial Times Guide to Foreign Exchange Tradingis the authoritative primer, the first port of call for anyone interested in foreign exchange trading and wants to know what it is all about before taking the plunge.

Table of contents

1. Foreign exchange trading: getting started

2. Accessing the markets: different types of trading account

3. Risk management for the forex trader

4. Currencies in brief

5. Trading emerging markets currencies

6. What moves the markets

7. Developing a trading plan for currency markets

8. Technical analysis for the FX trader

9. Further resources for the forex trader

10. Careers in FX trading

Published by FT Press (October 25th 2012) - Copyright © 2012