Fundamentals of Chemical Kinetics, 1st edition

  • SR Logan

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Addresses the progress of chemical reactions towards thermodyamic equilibrium. Fundamentals of Chemical Kinetics deals comprehensively with experiment and theory, putting the role of each in context and treats reactions in the gas phase, in solution and on the surface of solid catalysts. On each topic, a clear distinction is preserved between empirical quantities used to report experimental findings and parameters belonging to a quantitative theory of chemical reactions.

Table of contents

1. The empirical framework of chemical kinetics.
2. The experimental study of reaction kinetics.
3. Reaction mechanism and reaction order.
4. Theories of bimolecular reaction.
5. The interpretation of bimolecular reactions in solution.
6. Unimolecular gas phase reactions.
7. Chain reactions.
8. Heterogeneous catalysis.
9. Homogeneous catalysis.
10. Relaxation and other advanced techniques.
11. Photochemistry and radiation chemistry.
12. Reaction dynamics.
Appendices. Answers to problems.

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Published by Pearson (January 2nd 1996) - Copyright © 1996