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Fundamentals of HVACR, 3rd edition

  • Carter Stanfield
  • David Skaves

Published by Pearson (March 14th 2016) - Copyright © 2017

3rd edition

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Fundamentals of HVACR

ISBN-13: 9780134016160

Includes: Hardcover
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  • Hardcover

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Comprehensively introduces the fundamentals of HVACR in digestible units, supported by hundreds of colorful visual aids.

Written in a style thatis easy to understand, this Third Edition of Fundamentals of HVACR introduces the principles of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration. The book is comprehensive enough to be used as the basis not only for HVACR courses, but for entire HVACR programs. Units are short and digestible, presenting complex material in a concise, straightforward manner without ever dumbing down its topics. Compared to other, similar texts, Fundamentals of HVACR is visually stunning, featuring 2900 supporting photographs, illustrations, drawings, and diagrams–most of them in full color. The Third Edition has been revised to reflect expanded coverage of electricity, motor controls, motor applications, new technologies, regulations, and changes in the HVACR market, and remains the most up-to-date HVACR text available.

Table of contents

Brief Table of Contents

Section 1 Fundamentals

Section 2 HVACR Science

Section 3 Refrigeration Systems and Components

Section 4 Refrigeration Practices

Section 5 HVACR Electrical Systems and Components

Section 6 Air-Conditioning Systems

Section 7 Heating Systems

Section 8 Heat Pump Systems

Section 9 System Design, Sizing, and Layout

Section 10 Commercial Environmental Systems

Section 11 Commercial Refrigeration Systems

Section 12 Installation, Maintenance, Service,and Troubleshooting


Detailed Table of Contents


Section 1 Fundamentals

Unit 1 Introduction to Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration

Unit 2 Being a Professional HVACR Technician

Unit 3 Safety

Unit 4 Hand and Power Tools

Unit 5 Fasteners

Unit 6 Measurements

Section 2 HVACR Science

Unit 7 Properties of Matter

Unit 8 Types of Energy and Their Properties

Unit 9 Temperature and Thermodynamics

Unit 10 Pressure and Vacuum

Section 3 Refrigeration Systems and Components

Unit 11 Types of Refrigeration Systems

Unit 12 The Refrigeration Cycle

Unit 13 Compressors

Unit 14 Condensers

Unit 15 Metering Devices

Unit 16 Evaporators

Unit 17 Refrigerants and Their Properties

Unit 18 Special Refrigeration Components

Unit 19 Plotting the Refrigeration Cycle

Section 4 Refrigeration Practices

Unit 20 Refrigeration Safety

Unit 21 Refrigerant System Servicing and Testing Equipment

Unit 22 Piping and Tubing

Unit 23 Soldering and Brazing

Unit 24 Refrigerant System Piping

Unit 25 Accessing Sealed Refrigeration Systems

Unit 26 Refrigerant Management and the EPA

Unit 27 Refrigerant Leak Testing

Unit 28 Refrigerant System Evacuation

Unit 29 Refrigerant System Charging

Section 5 HVACR Electrical Systems and Components

Unit 30 Electrical Safety

Unit 31 Basic Electricity

Unit 32 Alternating Current Fundamentals

Unit 33 Electric Meters and Test Instruments

Unit 34 Electrical Components

Unit 35 Electric Motors

Unit 36 Motor Controls

Unit 37 Motor Application and Troubleshooting

Unit 38 Electrical Diagrams

Unit 39 Control Systems

Unit 40 Communicating Control Systems

Unit 41 Electrical Troubleshooting

Section 6 Air-Conditioning Systems

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