Fundamentals of Investing, 14th edition

  • Scott B. Smart
  • Chad J Zutter

Fundamentals of Investing [RENTAL EDITION]

ISBN-13:  9780135175217

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For undergraduate investment courses.

This ISBN is for the bound textbook, which students can rent through their bookstore.


The core concepts and tools students need to make informed investment decisions

Fundamentals of Investing uses practical, hands-on applications and examples to introduce the topics and techniques used by both personal investors and money managers. The text focuses on both individual securities and portfolios, teaching students to consider the risk and return of different types of investments and how to use this knowledge to achieve financial goals. A consistent framework centered around learning objectives keeps readers focused in each chapter while a conversational tone makes the language, concepts, and strategies accessible to students. With new topics and features added to the 14th Edition, the text remains up-to-date and relevant, so students leave the course equipped to develop, implement, and monitor a successful investment program.


This title is also available digitally as a standalone Pearson eText, or via MyLab Finance, which includes the Pearson eText. These options give students affordable access to learning materials, so they come to class ready to succeed.

Table of contents

1. The Investment Environment

2. Securities Markets and Transactions

3. Investment Information and Securities Transactions

4. Return and Risk

     Appendix 4A. The Time Value of Money

5. Modern Portfolio Concepts

6. Common Stocks

7. Analyzing Common Stocks

8. Stock Valuation

9. Market Efficiency and Behavioral Finance

10. Fixed-Income Securities

11. Bond Valuation

12. Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds

13. Managing Your Own Portfolio

14. Options: Puts and Calls

15. Futures Markets and Securities

16. Investing in Preferred Stocks

17. Tax-Advantaged Investments

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