Fundamentals of Music: Rudiments, Musicianship, and Composition, 7th edition

  • Earl Henry
  • Jennifer Snodgrass
  • Susan Piagentini


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For courses in music fundamentals.


Fundamentals of Music: Rudiments, Musicianship, and Composition, 7th Edition, familiarizes readers with the notation and performance of Western music through creative composition projects, listening exercises intended to develop aural skills, and the analysis of musical examples from a broad range of styles and genres. It gives readers the opportunity to practice new vocabulary, as well as their performance and analytic skills, in the context of complete compositions.

The 7th Edition has been thoroughly revised and expanded, yet maintains the intent of its original author, Earl Henry. It incorporates a broader range of musical examples and styles, along with revised and expanded aural skills methods and exercises. So, whether readers are preparing for a career in music, or simply want to develop their appreciation for this musical language, they will learn the terms, symbols, practices, and conventions that make Western music sound the way it does.

Table of contents

1. Notating Rhythm

2. Notating Pitch

3. The Keyboard

4. Simple Meters

5. Major Scales and Keys

6. Intervals

7. Compound Meters

8. Minor Scales and Keys

9. Introduction to Form

10. Triads

11. Chords and Symbols

12. Tonality

13. Harmonization

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