Fuzzy Logic and Control: Software and Hardware Applications, Vol. 2, 1st edition

  • Mohammad Jamshidi
  • Nader Vadiee
  • Timothy Ross

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Fuzzy logic is enjoying an unprecedented popularity – and for excellent reasons. It has moved successfully beyond the technological and engineering fields into areas as diverse as consumer and electronic products and systems, the stock market, and medical diagnostics.

Table of contents

 1. Introduction.

 2. Set Theory — Fuzzy and Crisp Sets.

 3. Propositional Calculus — Predicate Logic and Fuzzy Logic.

 4. Fuzzy Rule-Based Expert Systems — I.

 5. Fuzzy Rule-Based Expert Systems — II.

 6. Fuzzy Logic Software and Hardware.

 7. A Fuzzy Two-Axis Mirror Controller for Laser Beam Alignment.

 8. Introduction of Fuzzy Sets in Manufacturing Planning.

 9. A Comparison of Crisp and Fuzzy Logic Methods for Screening Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques.

10. A Fuzzy Logic Rule-Based System for Personnel Detection.

11. Using Fuzzy Logic to Automatically Configure a Digital Filter.

12. Simulation of Traffic Flow and Control Using Fuzzy and Conventional Methods.

13. A Fuzzy Geometric Pattern Recognition Method with Learning Capability.

14. Fuzzy Control of Robotic Manipulator.

15. Use of Fuzzy Logic Control in Electrical Power Generation.

16. Fuzzy Logic Control of Resin Curing.

17. Fuzzy Logic Control in Flight Control Systems.

18. Tuning of Fuzzy Logic Controllers by Parameter Estimation Method.

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Published by Pearson (June 7th 1993) - Copyright © 1993