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Gas Dynamics, 3rd edition

  • James E.A. John
  • Theo G. Keith

Published by Pearson (January 11th 2006) - Copyright © 2005

3rd edition

Gas Dynamics

ISBN-13: 9780131206687

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This edition of a very successful and widely adopted book has been brought up-to-date with computer methods and applications throughout. It makes use of spreadsheet programs, and contains unique procedures that have never appeared before in any gas dynamics book. KEY TOPICS Chapter topics include basic equations of compressible flow., wave propagation in compressible media, isentropic flow of a perfect gas, stationary and moving normal shock waves, oblique shock waves, flow with friction and with heat addition or heat loss, equations of motion for multidimensional flow, methods of characteristics, special topics in gas dynamics, and measurement in compressible flow. MARKET: For mechanical and aerospace engineers.

Table of contents

 1. Basic Equations of Compressible Flow.

 2. Wave Propagation in Compressible Media.

 3. Isentropic Flow of a Perfect Gas.

 4. Stationary Normal Shock Waves.

 5. Moving Normal Shock Waves.

 6. Oblique Shock Waves.

 7. PR and TL Meyer Flow.

 8. Applications involving Shocks and Expansion Fans.

 9. Flow with Friction.

10. Flow with Heat Addition or Heat Loss.

11. Equations of Motion for Multidimensional Flow.

12. Linearized Flow.

13. Methods of Characteristics.

14. Computational Gas Dynamics.

15. Special Topics in Gas Dynamics.

16. Measurement in Compressible Flow.

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