Gear Geometry and Applied Theory, 1st edition

  • Faydor L. Litvin

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Written by THE internationally recognized expert in gears and the developer of the modern theory of gearing, this is the definitive reference on gearing. It covers the modern theory of gearing, geometry, design, and computerized simulation of meshing and contact for almost all types of gears. KEY TOPICS: Covers the modern theory of gearing and geometry for the design and manufacture of all types of gear drives. Considers the new aspects of gearing required for redirection of machine vibration and CNC (computer controlled automated manufacturing) equipment. MARKETS: A power tool for researchers, graduate students, designers, and manufacturers of gears.

Table of contents

 1. Coordinate Transformation.

 2. Relative Velocity.

 3. Centrodes. Axodes. Operating Pitch Surfaces.

 4. Planar Curves.

 5. Surfaces.

 6. Conjugate Surfaces and Curves.

 7. Curvatures of Surfaces and Curves.

 8. Mating Surfaces: Curvature Relations, Contact Ellipse.

 9. Computerized Simulation of Meshing and Contact.

10. External Involute Gears.

11. Internal Involute Gears.

12. Noncircular Gears.

13. Cycloidal Gearing.

14. Involute Helical Gears with Parallel Axes.

15. Helical Involute Gears with Crossed Axes.

16. Double-Circular Arc Helical Gears.

17. Face-Gear Drives.

18. Worm-Gear Drives with Cylindrical Worms.

19. Double-Enveloping Worm-Gear Drives.

20. Hypoid Gears.

21. Generation of Helicoids.

22. Design of Flyblades.

23. Generation of Surfaces by Application of Computer Numerically Controlled Machines.

24. Overwire (Ball) Measurements.

25. Coordinate Measurements and Minimization of Deviations.


Published by Pearson (January 6th 1994) - Copyright © 1994