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Generalist Social Work Practice: An Empowering Approach, 8th edition

  • Karla Krogsrud Miley
  • Michael W. O'Melia
  • Brenda L. DuBois

Published by Pearson (January 6th 2016) - Copyright © 2017

8th edition

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Generalist Social Work Practice: An Empowering Approach, Enhanced Pearson eText -- Access Card

ISBN-13: 9780134145563

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A firm foundation for understanding empowerment-focused social work and implementing, evaluating, and stabilizing change.


This widely popular text provides a firm foundation for understanding empowerment-based generalist social work, including the practice processes related to constructing and maintaining empowering client-worker relationships through effective communication, solution-oriented processes for conducting assessment and developing a plan of action, and ideas and activities for following through with effective intervention and evaluation. It demonstrates a progressive practice approach that is grounded in social work research, reflective of social work values, sensitive to client diversity, and applicable to working with any level of client system including individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities


This text gives social workers a method that fully realizes core social work values, respects client competence, and activates client resources within the context of their lives, beginning with engaging clients as partners and continuing with assessing, intervening, and evaluating from a strengths perspective. Thoroughly updated throughout, the book includes relevant information on contemporary trends in social work practice, revisions of the popular critical thinking questions consistent with the Council on Social Work Education's (CSWE) current core competencies and practice behaviors, and new links to e-resources to promote student learning and assessment.


Invigorate learning with the Enhanced Pearson eText
This access code card provides access to the new Enhanced Pearson eText, a rich, interactive learning environment designed to improve student mastery of content with the following multimedia features:

  • Embedded videos. Enrich the students’ experience with videos of real social workers in practice sharing their insights and videos that illustrate key issues and practices. (See pages 7, 238, and 277 for examples.)
  • Check Your Understanding quizzes. Embedded assessments with feedback, including multiple-choice assessments at the end of each major heading, allow students to continually assess their understanding of chapter content and learning outcomes. (See pages 7, 215, and 284 for examples.)
  • Chapter Review Quizzes. Assess Your Competence quizzes in multiple-choice format appear at the end of each chapter and include feedback for correct answers. (See pages 19, 235, and 298 for examples.)

Table of contents

Brief Table of Contents


1. Generalist Social Work Practice

2. Human System Perspectives

3. Values and Multicultural Competence

4. Strengths and Empowerment

5. An Empowering Approach to Generalist Practice


6. Engagement: Forming Partnerships
7. Engagement: Articulating Situations

8. Engagement: Defining Directions



9. Assessment: Identifying Strengths

10. Assessment: Assessing Resource Capabilities
11. Assessment: Framing Solutions



12. Intervention: Activating Resources

13. Intervention: Creating Alliances

14. Intervention: Expanding Opportunities

15. Evaluation: Recognizing Success

16. Intervention: Integrating Gains


Detailed Table of Contents

1. Generalist Social Work Practice 1
Social Work Values and Purpose 3
Human Dignity and Worth 4
Social Justice 4
Defining Social Work 5
Achieving the Purpose of Social Work 6
Generalist Social Work 7
Levels of Intervention in Generalist Practice 8
Policy and Generalist Practice 10
Research in Generalist Practice 10
Advantages of a Multifaceted Approach 12
Social Work Functions and Roles 12
Consultancy 13
Resource Management 15
Education 16
Integrating Generalist Functions 18
Looking Forward 19

2. Human System Perspectives 20
Key Perspectives for Empowering Practice 20
Ecosystems 21
Social Constructionism 22
Feminist Perspective 23
Life Course Theory 24
Critical Theory 25
Biology and Behavior 26
Trauma-Informed Perspective 28
Applying Theory in Practice: A case example 29
Social Systems 33
System Defined 33
Dimensions of Systems 35
Ecosystems: Perspective and Framework 39
Ecosystems Perspective 39
Ecosystems Framework: As an Assessment Tool 42
Ecosystems Framework: As a Practice Model 45
Looking Forward 45

3. Values and Multicultural Competence 47
Professional Values and Practice Principles 48
Acceptance 48
Individualization 48
Nonjudgmentalism 49
Objectivity 49
Self-Determination 50
Access to R

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