Gift of Fire, A: Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues for Computing Technology, 5th edition

  • Sara Baase
  • Timothy M. Henry

Gift of Fire, A: Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues for Computing Technology

ISBN-13:  9780134615271

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For courses in Computer Ethics and Computers and Society.


An objective study of technology ethics that inspires critical thinking and debate


In Gift of Fire, A: Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues for Computing Technology, Sara Baase presents a balanced exploration of the social, legal, philosophical, ethical, political, constitutional, and economic implications of computing and the controversies they raise. With an objective computer scientist's perspective, and with historical context for many issues, Baase covers the issues readers will face both as members of a technological society and as professionals in computer-related fields. A primary goal is to develop computer professionals who understand the implications of what they create and how it fits into society at large. This text encourages readers to think about the ethics and philosophical direction behind topics but doesn’t them lead students to conclusions. The 5th Edition contains updated material on new topics and examples, outdated material has been removed, and several topics have been reorganized. New material appears throughout, including material on current trending topics such as drones and autonomous cars.

Table of contents

  • 1. Unwrapping the Gift
  • 1.1 The Pace of Change
  • 1.2  Change and Unexpected Developments
  • 1.2.1  Self-Driving Vehicles
  • 1.2.2  Connections: Mobile Phones, Social Networking, and the Internet of Things
  • 1.2.3  E-commerce and Free Stuff
  • 1.2.4  Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Sensors, and Motion
  • 1.2.5  Tools for Disabled People
  • 1.3 Themes
  • 1.4  Ethics
  • 1.4.1  What is Ethics, Anyway?
  • 1.4.2  A Variety of Ethical Views
  • 1.4.3  Some Important Distinctions
  • 2. Privacy 
  • 2.1 Privacy Risks and Principles
  • 2.1.1  What Is Privacy?
  • 2.1.2  New Technology, New Risks
  • 2.1.3  Terminology and Principles for Managing Personal Data
  • 2.2  The Business and Social Sectors
  • 2.2.1  Marketing and Personalization
  • 2.2.2  Our Social and Personal Activity
  • 2.2.3  Location Tracking
  • 2.2.4  A Right to Be Forgotten
  • 2.3  The Fourth Amendment and Changing Technology
  • 2.3.1  The Fourth Amendment
  • 2.3.2  Background, Law, and Court Decisions
  • 2.3.3  Applying the Fourth Amendment in New Areas
  • 2.4  Government Systems
  • 2.4.1  Video Surveillance and Face Recognition
  • 2.4.2  Databases
  • 2.4.3  Public Records: Access versus Privacy
  • 2.4.4  National ID Systems
  • 2.4.5  The NSA and Secret Intelligence Gathering     
  • 2.5  Protecting Privacy: Technology and Markets
  • 2.5.1  Developing Privacy Tools
  • 2.5.2  Encryption
  • 2.5.3  Blocking Ads
  • 2.5.4  Policies for Protecting Personal Data
  • 2.6  Protecting Privacy: Theory, Rights, and Laws
  • 2.6.1  A Right to Privacy
  • 2.6.2  Law and Regulation

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