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GO! with Windows 10 Getting Started, 1st edition

  • Shelley Gaskin

Published by Pearson (October 15th 2015) - Copyright © 2016

1st edition

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GO! with Windows 10 Getting Started

ISBN-13: 9780134154077

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Teach the Windows 10 content YOU want in LESS TIME!

This book provides a one-chapter overview of Windows 10.


The primary goal of the GO! Series, aside from teaching computer applications, is ease of implementation, with an approach that is based on clearly defined projects for students and a one-of-a-kind supplements package. The GO! series is the right solution for you and your students in today’s fast-moving, mobile environment. GO! focuses on today’s mobile worker wherever, whenever, and from whatever device. It covers Office Online, Office 365 collaboration, and touch devices, so students are prepared to work in any environment.


Windows 10 is a new approach to operating systems for the more mobile world we live in. With Windows 10, apps, services, and content move across devices seamlessly, and updates will be delivered regularly. There are a variety of enhancements from Windows 10, and there are significant changes from Windows 7. To guide both new and experienced users of earlier versions, the GO! series takes project-based approach, which allows students to explore the core functionality of Windows 10, while learning how to use it effectively.


Table of contents

GO! Walkthrough


Chapter 1. Getting Started with Windows


Project 1A Getting to Know Windows 10


Objective 1: Explore the Windows 10 Environment

            Activity 1.01 Identifying Apps and Platforms

            Activity 1.02 Recognizing User Accounts in Windows 10

            Activity 1.03 Turning On Your Computer, Signing In, and Exploring the Windows 10 Environment

            Activity 1.04 Changing Your Desktop Background and Lock Screen Image

            Activity 1.05 Creating a PIN to Use in Place of Passwords


Objective 2: Use File Explorer and Desktop Apps to Create a New Folder and Save a File

            Activity 1.06 Pinning a Program and Adding a Toolbar to the Taskbar

            Activity 1.07 Creating a New Folder to Store a File

            Activity 1.08 Creating and Saving a File

            More Knowledge: Jump to a Lettered Section of the All Apps List Quickly


Objective 3: Identify the Functions of the Windows 10 Operating System

            Activity 1.09 Identifying Operating System Functions and Windows App Functions


Objective 4: Discover Windows 10 Features

            Activity 1.10 Using Windows Apps

            More Knowledge: Where Did the Hamburger Icon Come From?

            Activity 1.11 Using Task View, Snap Assist, and Virtual Desktops

            Activity 1.12 Organizing Your Start Menu and Getting Apps from the Windows Store

            Activity 1.13 Using the Windows 10 Action Center

            Activity 1.14 Using Cortana and Searching for Help

            Activity 1.15 Using the Microsoft Edge Browser


Objective 5: Sign Out of Windows 10, Turn Off Your Computer, and Manage User Accounts

            Activity 1.16 Locking, Signing Out of, and Shutting Down Your Computer

            Activity 1.17 Customizing and Managing User Accounts


Objective 6: Managing Your Windows 10 System

            Activity 1.18 Managing Windows Updates, Notifications, and Backup

            More Knowledge: Consider a Commercial Backup Service Instead

            Activity 1.19 Managing Windows Defender and Windows Firewall


Project 1B Managing Files and Folders


Objective 7: Download and Extract Files and Folders

            Activity 1.20 Downloading Files from a Website


Objective 8: Use File Explorer to Display Locations, Folders, and Files

            Activity 1.21 Navigating with File Explorer

            Activity 1.22 Using File Explorer to Display Locations, Folders, and Files


Objective 9: Start Programs and Open Data Files

            Activity 1.23 Starting Programs

            Activity 1.24 Opening Data Files

            More Knowledge: Storing Files and Creating Desktop Shortcuts for a Program on Your Desktop

            Activity 1.25 Searching, Pinning, Sorting, and Filtering in File Explorer


Objective 10: Create, Rename, and Copy Files and Folders

            Activity 1.26 Copying Files from a Removable Storage Device to the Documents Folder on the Hard Disk Drive

            Activity 1.27 Creating Folders, Renaming Folders, and Renaming Files

            Activity 1.28 Copying Files

            Activity 1.29 Moving Files

            More Knowledge: Using Shift + Click to Select Files

            Activity 1.30 Copying and Moving Files by Snapping Two Windows

            Activity 1.31 Deleting Files and Using the Recycle Bin


Objective 11: Use OneDrive as Cloud Storage

            Activity 1.32 Using OneDrive as Cloud Storage


Summary GO! Learn It Online GO! For Job Success

Review and Assessment Guide for Windows 10 Chapter 1


Skills Review

Mastering Windows 10


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