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  5. Graphic Design Portfolio Strategies for Print and Digital Media

Graphic Design Portfolio Strategies for Print and Digital Media, 1st edition

  • Robert Rowe
  • Gary Will
  • Harold Linton

Published by Pearson (December 28th 2008) - Copyright © 2010

1st edition

Graphic Design Portfolio Strategies for Print and Digital Media

ISBN-13: 9780136140313

Includes: Paperback
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  • Paperback

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This book presents the task of creating that all-important portfolio for today’s print and interactive design fields in a manageable series of steps.


Portfolio Laboratory for Graphic Design serves as a sourcebook for graphic design students who are planning the design of their portfolio for applications to graduate schools, grants, scholarships, employment opportunities, and fellowships.  Strategies in design principles are illustrated with examples of successful portfolios from design students along with tips and insights from top professionals in the field. 

Table of contents






Chapter One:  The Purposes of Design Portfolios

                Graphic Design Portfolio

                Advertising Portfolio

                Illustration Portfolio

                Interactive Media Portfolio

                Graduate School Applications

                Grants, Scholarships, and Competitions

                Portfolios Through the Eyes of Professionals


Chapter Two: Portfolio Preparation

                Conducting a Portfolio Audit

                Organizing Your Files

                Making Digital Images of Your Work

                Making and Using a Digital Slide Presentation

                Selecting and Editing





Chapter Three: Developing a Cohesive Concept

                Branding and Identity

                Distinguishing Your Work

                Can You Tell a Story?


Chapter Four: Process and Collaboration

                Why Show Process in Your Portfolio?

                The Design Process Book

                Using Sketches to Show Concept

                Showing Process Online: Website and Blogs


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