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Guide to the E.P.A. Refrigerant Handling Certification Exam, 1st edition

  • Boyce H. Dwiggins
  • Edward Mahoney

Published by Pearson (November 10th 1999) - Copyright © 2000

1st edition


ISBN-13: 9780130115454

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This study guide is designed for those who are taking an EPA approved certification exam for the first time--and for those who may not have been successful on their first attempt. It features reviews of all key topic areas; 75 example questions (like those found on the actual exam) for each of the four EPA certification test areas--CORE, TYPE 1, TYPE II, and TYPE III (300 questions total, with answers); and test-taking techniques and strategies. An extensive Appendix includes EPA Section 601 through 618 of Title V1; EPA approved Technician Certification Programs, by state; and a Glossary. KEY TOPICS: Refrigeration System Review. Temperature- Pressure Chart. Be Test Wise. Test-Taking Techniques. Test-Taking Strategies. Health and Safety. Clean Air Act. Stratospheric Ozone Protection. Certification--CORE, Type I, Type II, Type III. Appendix: Title VI--Stratospheric Ozone Protection. Section 601 through Section 618. Technician Certification Programs. MARKET: For those preparing for the EPA Certification for Refrigeration Handlingexamination.

Table of contents


Who Should Take the EPA Certification Test. Who Writes the Tests? Type of Test. What You Should Know. Refrigeration System Review. System Review. Evaporator. Be Test Wise—Pass the Test. Temperature-Pressure Chart. Before Test Day. Test-Taking Fear. Relax. Meditate. Distractions. Cramming. Test Yourself. Ground Rules. Discriminate and Eiminate. Change an Answer. Test-Taking Techniques. Read and Understand. Test-Taking Strategies. On Test Day. Good Luck. Health and Safety. What is Ozone? Atmospheric Ozone. Absorption of Ultraviolet Radiation. Destruction of the Ozone. Effects of Ozone Loss on Human Health. The Greenhouse Effect. The Clean Air Act. Stratospheric Ozone Protection—Title VI. Significant New Alternatives Policy.


CORE Test. General Knowledge. Overview of Issues on the CORE Test. Ozone Depletion. Three Primary Refrigerant Types. Ozone Depletion Potential. The Clean Air Act and the Montreal Protocol. Recovery Devices. Recovery Techniques. Recovery Cylinders. Shipping and Transporting. Dehydration. Leak Repair Requirements. Substitute Refrigerants and Lubricants. Safety. Practice Test. Type I. Small Appliances. An Overview of the Issues on the Type I Test. Equipment Requirements. Recovery Techniques. Type I Test. Type II. High-Pressure Refrigerant Certification. Overview of Issues on the Type II Test. Leak Detection. Recharging. Recovery. Recovery Requirements. Type II Test. Type III. Low-Pressure Refrigerant Certification. Overview of Issues on the Type III Test. Leak Detection. Recovery. Recovery Requirements. Recharging. Purge Units. Type III Test.


Section 608—Refrigerant Recycling Rule. Title VI—Stratospheric Ozone Protection. Sec. 601:Definitions. Sec. 602: Listing of Class I and II Substances (n/a). Sec. 603: Monitoring and Reporting Requirements. Sec. 604: Phaseout of Production and Consumption of Class I Substances. Sec. 605: Phaseout of Production and Consumption of Class II Substances. Sec. 606: Accelerated Schedule. Sec. 607: Exchange Authority. Sec. 608: National Recycling and Emission Reduction Program. Sec. 609: Servicing of Motor Vehicle Air Conditioners. Sec. 610: Nonessential Products Containing CFCs. Sec. 611: Labeling. Sec. 612: Safe Alternatives Policy. Sec. 613: Federal Procurement. Sec. 614: Relationship to Other Laws. Sec. 615: Authority of Administrator. Sec. 616: Transfers Among Parties to the Montreal Protocol. Sec. 617: International Cooperation. Sec. 618: Miscellaneous Provision.

608—Technician Certification Programs.


Answer Keys.

CORE. Type I. Type II. Type III.

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