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Guided Approach to Intermediate and Advanced Coding, A, 1st edition

  • Jennifer Lam
  • Glenna Young

Published by Pearson (January 2nd 2013) - Copyright © 2014

1st edition

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MyTest Test Bank for A Guided Approach to Intermediate and Advanced Coding

ISBN-13: 9780132920773

Includes: Access card

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What's included

  • Access card

    To access this digital content, you'll receive a physical card with printed code.


Pearson MyTest is a powerful assessment generation program that helps instructors easily create and print quizzes and exams. Questions and tests are authored online, allowing ultimate flexibility and the ability to efficiently create and print assessments anytime, anywhere!

To access Pearson MyTest and your test bank files, simply go to www.pearsonmytest.com and log in with your existing Instructor Resource Center (IRC) or Pearson MyLab account. You may also request access, if necessary.

Features of Pearson MyTest include:

Premium assessment content

  • Draw from a rich library of assessments that complement your Pearson textbook and your course's learning objectives.
  • Edit questions or tests to fit your specific teaching needs.

Instructor-friendly resources

  • Easily create and store your own questions, including images, diagrams, and charts using simple drag-and-drop and Word-like controls.
  • Use additional information provided by Pearson, such as the question's difficulty level or learning objective, to help you quickly build your test.

Time-saving enhancements

  • Add headers or footers and easily scramble questions and answer choices-all from one simple toolbar.
  • Quickly create multiple versions of your test or answer key, and when ready, simply save to MS-Word or PDF format and print!
  • Export your exams for import to Blackboard, CE (Campus Edition), or Vista.

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