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Guiding Young Children, 9th edition

  • Patricia F. Hearron
  • Verna P. Hildebrand

Published by Pearson (February 22nd 2012) - Copyright © 2013

9th edition

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Guiding Young Children (2-downloads)

ISBN-13: 9780132849593

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Table of contents

Part I  Principles of Guidance 


Chapter 1: Guiding Young Children—a Preview

Chapter 2: Values as a Basis for Guidance 

Chapter 3: Foundations of Guidance: Understanding Development and Observing Children

Chapter 4: Collaborating with Families of Young Children 

Chapter 5: Positive Guidance: Building Human Resources

Part II  Strategies for Guidance


Chapter 6: Indirect Guidance: The Role of the Environment in Facilitating Self-Direction 

Chapter 7: Direct Guidance: Interacting with Children to Foster Self-Direction

Part III Applications


Chapter 8: Guiding Young Children in Personal Caregiving Routines

Chapter 9: Guidance and Curriculum: Interdependent Elements of Appropriate Practice

Chapter 10: Guiding Young Children’s Outdoor Play and Learning

Chapter 11: Understanding and Addressing Challenging Behavior


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