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Guru's Guide to Transact-SQL, The, 1st edition

  • Ken Henderson

Published by Addison-Wesley Professional (February 23rd 2000) - Copyright © 2000

1st edition

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Guru's Guide to Transact-SQL, The

ISBN-13: 9780201615760

Includes: Paperback
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Since its introduction over a decade ago, the Microsoft SQL Server query language, Transact-SQL, has become increasingly popular and more powerful. The current version sports such advanced features as OLE Automation support, cross-platform querying facilities, and full-text search management.

This book is the consummate guide to Microsoft Transact-SQL. From data type nuances to complex statistical computations to the bevy of undocumented features in the language, The Guru's Guide to Transact-SQL imparts the knowledge you need to become a virtuoso of the language as quickly as possible.

In this book, you will find the information, explanations, and advice you need to master Transact-SQL and develop the best possible Transact-SQL code. Some 600 code examples not only illustrate important concepts and best practices, but also provide working Transact-SQL code that can be incorporated into your own real-world DBMS applications.

Your journey begins with an introduction explaining language fundamentals such as database and table creation, inserting and updating data, queries, joins, data presentation, and managing transactions. Moving on to more advanced topics, the journey continues with in-depth coverage of:

  • Transact-SQL performance tuning using tools such as Query Analyzer and Performance Monitor
  • Nuances of the various T-SQL data types
  • Complex statistical calculations such as medians, modes, and sliding aggregates
  • Run, sequence, and series identification and interrogation
  • Advanced Data Definition Language (DDL) and Data Management Language (DML) techniques
  • Stored procedure and trigger best practices and coding methods
  • Transaction management
  • Optimal cursor use and caveats to look out for
  • Full-text search
  • Hierarchies and arrays
  • Administrative Transact-SQL
  • OLE Automation
  • More than 100 undocumented commands and language features, including numerous unpublished DBCC command verbs, trace flags, stored procedures, and functions

Comprehensive, written in understandable terms, and full of practical information and examples, The Guru's Guide to Transact-SQL is an indispensable reference for anyone working with this database development language. The accompanying CD-ROM includes the complete set of code examples found in the book as well as a SQL programming environment that will speed the development of your own top-notch Transact-SQL code.


Table of contents



About the Sample Databases.

Results Abridged.

On Formality.


1. Introductory Transact-SQL.

Choosing a SQL Editor.

Creating a Database.

Creating Tables.

Inserting Data.

Updating Data.

Deleting Data.

Querying Data.

Column Lists.

SELECTing Variables and Expressions.


Converting Data Types.


Aggregate Columns.

Filtering Data.


Outer Joins.

Other Types of Joins.


Grouping Data.


Ordering Data.

Column Aliases.

Table Aliases.

Managing Transactions.


2. Transact-SQL Data Type Nuances.


Y2K and Other Date Problems.

Date Functions.

Dates and Simple Arithmetic.

Determining Time Gaps.

Building Calendars.



Char vs. Varchar.


String Functions.



A Better SOUNDEX().





Executing Strings.



Floating Point Fun.

Division by Zero.

Funny Money.

Formatting Numeric Data.



Retrieving BLOB Data.

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