Halsall:Data Communications, Com_c4, 4th edition

  • F Halsall

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Drawing on his twenty years as a researcher and teacher, Fred Halsall presents the complex world of data communications and networks with clarity and thoroughness. An invaluable resource to both the student and the practicing computer professional, this fourth edition of the very successful Data Communications, Computer Networks and Open Systems has been extensively updated to reflect the rapid developments in this field.

Highlights of the book include detailed coverage of:

  • The essential theory associated with digital transmission
  • Digital leased circuits including PDH, SONET and SDH
  • Protocol basics including specification and implementation methods
  • Legacy and wireless LANs
  • High-speed LANs including 100BaseT and 100 VG AnyLAN
  • Transparent and source routing bridges
  • Packet switching and frame relay networks and their protocols
  • Internetworking architectures, protocols and routing algorithms
  • Multiservice broadband networks including ATM LANs and MANs
  • The TCP/IP and OSI application protocols including X.400 and X.500
  • Data encryption and network security algorithms
  • Network management architectures including SNMP and CMIP


Table of contents


Data Communication Networks and Open System Standards Background.

The Electrical Interface Introduction.

Data Transmission Introduction.

Protocol Basics Introduction.

Data Link Control Protocols Introduction.


Local Area Networks Introduction.

High-Speed and Bridged Local Area Networks Introduction.

Wide Area Networks Introduction.

Internetworking Introduction.

Broadband Multiservice Networks Introduction.


Transport Protocols Introduction.

Application Support Protocols Introduction.

System Aspects Introduction.

Appendix A: Forward Error Control.

Appendix B: Transmission Control Circuits.

Appendix C: Summary of Standards Organizations.

Appendix D: Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations.

Bibliography and Further Reading.

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