Hands-On Exercise Manual for LabVIEW Programming, Data Acquisition and Analysis, 1st edition

  • Jeffrey Y. Beyon

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Structured, focused practice for mastering LabVIEW programming fast!

  • Master LabVIEW programming in six days, hands-on!
  • Over 60 real-world problems and solutions
  • Designed for easy learning and extensive real-world application
  • Extensively classroom-tested with professional engineers
  • Website: Tools, templates, solutions, and complete LabVIEW evaluation version

The supplementary workbook to LabVIEW Programming, Data Acquisition, and Analysis, this book presents a series of real-world programming challenges designed to help professionals master LabVIEW development in six focused one-day learning sessions.

Each session is organized into a series of short, 10 to 15 minute exercises, each with clear objectives and instructions designed to teach a single skill you can easily apply to your custom applications. Every skill is also mapped to the corresponding detailed explanations in LabVIEW Programming, Data Acquisition, and Analysis. Coverage includes:

  • Installing LabVIEW and working with source files and subVIs
  • Loops, conditional statements, and program flow
  • Displaying data and working with data types
  • Key categories of data acquisition and analysis applications
  • Saving/reading data and file I/O
  • Instrument control techniques
  • Implementing leading data analysis VIs, and more

The only way to truly master LabVIEW is to practice. This book gives you the structured, focused practice you need to achieve mastery fast. Whether you're a LabVIEW beginner or an experienced developer who want to update your skills, you'll find it an invaluable resource.


  • Complete library of LabVIEW tools and templates
  • Solutions to every exercise in this workbook
  • Full LabVIEW evaluation version

Table of contents

Drill Problems Day 1

Drill Problem 1.1 p021_WirePrac.vi.Drill Problem 1.2 p022_WirePrac.vi. Drill Problem 1.3 p023_ShrtCutPrac.vi. Drill Problem 1.4 p031_dBcalc.vi. Drill Problem 1.5 p032_QuitPrompt.vi. Drill Problem 1.6 p033_RNDisplay.v. Drill Problem 1.7 p041_ForLp&Indxng.vi. Drill Problem 1.8 p042_WhileLp&ShftReg.vi. Drill Problem 1.9 p043_Loops&Conditions.vi.

Drill Problems Day 2

Drill Problem 2.1 s051_MechActionOfBooleans.vi. Drill Problem 2.2 p052_MultiChChartGraph.vi. Drill Problem 2.3 p053_MultiChGphXo.vi. Drill Problem 2.4 p054_MultiChXYGph.vi. Drill Problem 2.5 p061_ArryPrac.vi. Drill Problem 2.6 p062_ClustrFcnPrac.vi. Drill Problem 2.7 p063_IntstyGphPxlByPxl.vi. Drill Problem 2.8 p064_IntstyGphAttNode.vi. Drill Problem 2.9 p065_Arry&ClustrUpdPrac.vi.

Drill Problems Day 3

Drill Problem 3.1 s081_AcqNScans.vi. Drill Problem 3.2 s082_CtsAcq&Chart(buff).vi. Drill Problem 3.3 s091_Gen1PtOn1Chwith_s082.vi. Drill Problem 3.4 s092_FGwith_s082.vi. Drill Problem 3.5 s101_CtsPTrn(8253)with_s082.vi. Drill Problem 3.6 s102_CntEvnts(8253).vi.Drill Problem 3.7 p111_WrtRdBin1D.vi. Drill Problem 3.8 p112_WrtRdASCII.vi. Drill Problem 3.9 p121_TypeCast.vi. Drill Problem 3.10 p141_AliasTest.vi p141_FFTproc.vi.

Drill Problems Day 4

Drill Problem 4.1 s081_AcqNScansDTrig.vi. Drill Problem 4.2 s082_AcqNScansExtChClk.vi. Drill Problem 4.3 s083_ContAcq&GphExtScanClk.vi. Drill Problem 4.4 p101_DigWrt&AI.vi p101_AISmplChs.vi. Drill Problem 4.5 p111_WrtRdBin1DCts.vi. Drill Problem 4.6 p112_WrtRdBin2D.vi. Drill Problem 4.7 p113_WrtRdASCIICts.vi. Drill Problem 4.8 p114_WrtRdMixed.vi. Drill Problem 4.9 p115_WrtRdDatalog.vi. Drill Problem 4.10 p116_RtrvDtalogDtaHalo.vi. Drill Problem 4.11 p117_SvDataWithPref.vi. Drill Problem 4.12 p121_ScrllbarCtrl.vi. Drill Problem 4.13 s131_LV&Serl.vi. Drill Problem 4.14 s132_LV&GPIB.vi. Drill Problem 4.15 p141_AcqNScns1Ch_QS1D&FFT.vi.

Drill Problems Day 5

Drill Problem 5.1 s141_FreqResp.vi. 70 Drill Problem 5.2 p142_FFTPairTest.vi.Drill Problem 5.3 s143_DecIntTest.vi. Drill Problem 5.4 s144_AliasTest&LPF.vi.Drill Problem 5.5 p145_FittingPrac.vi. Drill Problem 5.6 p151_While&Occrnce.vi. p151_WhileWoOccrnce.vi. Drill Problem 5.7 p152_ErrHndler_Main.vi p152_ErrHndler_Proc1.vi p152_ErrHndler_Proc2.vi p152_ErrHndler_Proc3.vi s152_ErrHndler_ErrDiply.vi.

Drill Problems Day 6

Drill Problem 6.1 p151_ListVIs.vi. Drill Problem 6.2 p152_DynamicLoad.vi. Drill Problem 6.3 p153_init.vi. p153_main.vi p153_menu1.vi p153_menu2.vi. Drill Problem 6.4 p154_StatCheck.vi. Drill Problem 6.5p155_4ToggleSW.vi. Drill Problem 6.6 p156_LocalVar&SR.vi. p156_AcquireData.vi p156_ProcData.vi. Drill Problem 6.7s156_LocalVar&SR.vi.


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