Health and Fitness for Law Enforcement in Canada, 1st edition

  • Mitchell Fergenbaum

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With a focus on Canadian content, the latest peer-reviewed research in the field, and a specific concentration on educating beginners, Health and Fitness for Law Enforcement in Canada helps students succeed in meeting the needs of the mandatory fitness tests and lifelong fitness and wellness standards that are part of all police and law and security professions.

Table of contents

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Health & Fitness Needs for Law Enforcement Professionals
Chapter 2: Preparing for Exercise
Chapter 3: Muscle Strength & Endurance
Chapter 4: Cardiorespiratory Fitness
Chapter 5: Nutrition for Law Enforcement
Chapter 6: Managing Potential & Existing Health Problems


Published by Pearson Canada (March 2nd 2015) - Copyright © 2016