Heart of Darkness, The Man Who Would Be King, and Other Works on Empire, A Longman Cultural Edition, 1st edition

  • Joseph Conrad
  • Rudyard Kipling
  • David Damrosch


From Longman's Cultural Editions series, Heart of Darkness, The Man Who Would Be King, and Other Works on Empire shows the literary and historical context within which—and against which—both Conrad and Kipling wrote their masterpieces. 


These works have deeply influenced later writings that deal with the ambitions, complexities, and failures of imperial projects of cultural influence and political control.  English, American, South Asian, and African authors from Saul Bellow to Salman Rushdie have worked with and against the models pioneered by Conrad and Kipling in the late Victorian era; their revolutionary impact is illuminated in this text.

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Table of Dates


Rudyard Kipling: Poems and Stories

A Tale of Two Cities

The Last Department

The Widow at Windsor


The Young British Soldier


Gunga Din



The White Man’s Burden

Ulster 1912

[Footnotes to Kipling Poems]

Without Benefit of Clergy

[Footnotes to Kipling, Without Benefit of Clergy]

The Man Who Would Be King

[Footnotes to “The Man Who Would Be King”]


Contexts: Empire and Its Discontents

Edward Lear: “The Akond of Swat”

Hilaire Belloc: “I, the Poor Indian, justly called ‘The Poor’”

“The Llama”

W. S. Gilbert: “The British Tar”

“The Darned Mounseer”

“The King of Canoodle-Dum”

Christina Rossetti, “In the Round Tower at Jhansi, June 8, 1857”

Ghalib: from Dastambu: A Bouquet of Flowers

“Now every English soldier that bears arms”

Bahadur Shah II: “I am not the light of anyone’s eye”

“I cannot bring myself to like this despoiled wilderness”

Major R.C.W. Mitford, from To Cabul with the Cavalry Brigade

Howard Hensman, from The Afghan War of 1879-80

[Footnotes to Contexts: Empire)]


Joseph Conrad: Heart of Darkness

Contexts: The Scramble for Africa

Olaudah Equiano, from The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano

Henry Morton Stanley, from Through the Dark Continent

from Address to the Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Joseph Conrad, from Congo Diary

Roger Casement, from Report to Parliament on the Congo

[Footnotes to Contexts: The Scramble for Africa”


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