Heartland and Hinterland: A Geography of Canada, 3rd edition

  • Larry McCann
  • Angus M. Gunn

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Appropriate for first-year regional geography and Canadian studies courses in both colleges and universities. This text applies the valuable heartland-hinterland perspective to Canada in the late 1990s. This framework not only defines Canada's position in the world system, but assigns geographical roles to the regions of Canada, accounts for the significant shaping forces of regional growth, and focuses attention on the current issues of regionalism.

Table of contents

 1. Interpreting Canada’s Heartland and Hinterland, L.D. McCann.

 2. Canada, The Physical Base, John Stager.

 3. Emergence of the Industrial Heartland: c. 1760-1960, Donald Kerr.

 4. The Heartland Today: It’s Changing Role and Internal Structure, Maurice Yeates.

 5. Quebec: A Place and a People, Eric Waddell and Angus Gunn.

 6. Atlantic Provinces: Fragmentation and Underdevelopment, Graeme Wynn.

 7. Canadian Shield: Development of a Resource Frontier, Iain Wallace.

 8. Western Interior: Transformation of a Hinterland Region, John Lehr.

 9. British Columbia: Canada’s Pacific Province, Lewis Robinson.

10. The North: One Land, Two Ways of Life, Peter Usher.

11. Regionalism and the Canadian Archipelago, Cole Harris.

Published by Pearson Canada (December 15th 1997) - Copyright © 1998