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This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Key content includes Introduction to the Trade, Trucks, Heavy Equipment, Cranes, Below-Grade Construction, Earthmoving, Plant Operations, Paving and Structures.

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Table of contents

Orientation to the Trade (7.5 Hours) Trainee $20 ISBN 978-0-13-448575-1 Instructor $20 ISBN 978-0-13-448574-4
(Module ID 36101-17) Introduces the trainees to careers, equipment, and processes used in the construction of highways and bridges.

Identification of Equipment Used in Heavy Highway Construction (10 Hours) Trainee $20 ISBN 978-0-13-448579-9 Instructor $20 ISBN 978-0-13-448578-2
(Module ID 36111-17) Describes the types of heavy equipment, utility equipment, and cranes used in the construction of bridges and highways. Trainees will be expected to recognize the equipment and describe its use.

Heavy Highway Construction Safety (5 Hours) Trainee $20 ISBN 978-0-13-448577-5 Instructor $20 ISBN 978-0-13-448576-8
 (Module ID 36110-17) Reviews the safety hazards and precautions associated with construction of highways and
bridges. It also emphasizes the importance of following safety procedures in order to prevent accidents and injuries associated with working in hazardous places/conditions.

Work-Zone Safety (5 hours) Trainee $20 ISBN 978-0-13-340361-9 Instructor $20 ISBN 978-0-13-340370-1
(Module ID 75104-13; from Field Safety)

Soils (10 Hours) Trainee $20 ISBN 978-0-13-340328-2 Instructor $20 ISBN 978-0-13-340338-1
(Module ID 22308-13; from Heavy Equipment Operations Level Two)

Site Work (20 Hours) Trainee $20 ISBN 978-0-13-340326-8 Instructor $20 ISBN 978-0-13-340336-7
(Module ID 22210-13; from Heavy Equipment Operations Level Two)

Excavation Math (17.5 Hours) Trainee $20 ISBN 978-0-13-340323-7 Instructor $20 ISBN 978-0-13-340334-3
(Module ID 22207-13; from Heavy Equipment Operations Level Two)

Interpreting Civil Drawings (20 Hours) Trainee $20 ISBN 978-0-13-340325-1 Instructor $20 ISBN 978-0-13-340335-0
(Module ID 22209-13; from Heavy Equipment Operations Level Two)

Rigging Practices (15 Hours) Trainee $20 ISBN 978-0-13-498801-6 Instructor $20 ISBN 978-0-13-498802-3
(Module ID 38102-18; from Basic Rigger)

Crane Safety and Emergency Procedures (25 Hours) Trainee $20 ISBN 978-0-13-498819-1 Instructor $20 ISBN 978-0-13-498818-4
(Module ID 21106-18; from Mobile Crane Operations, Level One)

Basic Principles of Cranes (15 Hours) Trainee $20 ISBN 978-0-13-498816-0 Instructor $20 ISBN 978-0-13-498815-3
(Module ID 21102-18; from Mobile Crane Operations, Level One)

Crane Communications (10 Hours) Trainee $20 ISBN 978-0-13-498800-9 Instructor $20 ISBN 978-0-13-498814-6
(Module ID 53101-18; from Signal Person)

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