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History of Modern Art (Paperback), 7th edition

  • H H. Arnason
  • Elizabeth C. Mansfield

Published by Pearson (December 12th 2012) - Copyright © 2013

7th edition

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History of Modern Art (Subscription)

ISBN-13: 9780205953233

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A Comprehensive Overview – available in digital and print formats- History of Modern Art is a visual comprehensive overview of the modern art field.


KEY TOPICS: Traces the trends and influences in painting, sculpture, photography and architecture from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day.


MARKET: For those interested in an analysis of artworks based on formal and contextual elements

Table of contents

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2) Full Table of Contents





Chapter 1: The Origins of Modern Art

Chapter 2: The Search for Truth: Early Photography, Realism, and Impressionism

Chapter 3: Post-Impressionism

Chapter 4: Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, and the Beginnings of Expressionism

Chapter 5: The New Century: Experiments in Color and Form

Chapter 6: Expressionism in Germany and Austria

Chapter 7: Cubism

Chapter 8: Early Modern Architecture

Chapter 9: European Art after Cubism

Chapter 10: Picturing the Wasteland: Western Europe during World War I

Chapter 11: Art in France after World War I

Chapter 12: Clarity, Certainty, and Order: De Stijl and the Pursuit of Geometric Abstraction

Chapter 13: Bauhaus and the Teaching of Modernism

Chapter 14: Surrealism

Chapter 15: American Art Before World War II

Chapter 16: Abstract Expressionism and the New American Sculpture

Chapter 17:  Postwar European Art

Chapter 18: Nouveau Réalisme and Fluxus

Chapter 19: Taking Chances with Popular Culture

Chapter 20: Playing by the Rules: Sixties Abstraction

Chapter 21: Modernism in Architecture at Mid-Century

Chapter 22: Conceptual and Activist Art

Chapter 23: Post-Minimalism, Earth Art, and New Imagists

Chapter 24: Postmodernism

Chapter 25: Painting through History

Chapter 26: New Perspectives on Art and Audience

Chapter 27: Contemporary Art and Globalization





Chapter 1: The Origins of Modern Art

    Making Art and Artists: The Role of the Critic

    The Modern Artist

    What Does It Mean to Be an Artist?: From Academic Emulation toward Romantic Originality

    Making Sense of a Turbulent World: The Legacy of Neoclassicism and Romanticism


Chapter 2: The Search for Truth: Early Photography, Realism, and Impressionism

    New Ways of Seeing: Photography and its Influence

    Only the Truth: Realism

    Seizing the Moment: Impressionism and the Avant-Garde

    From Realism to Impressionism

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