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How Google Tests Software, 1st edition

  • James A. Whittaker
  • Jason Arbon
  • Jeff Carollo

Published by Addison-Wesley Professional (March 23rd 2012) - Copyright © 2012

1st edition

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How Google Tests Software

ISBN-13: 9780132851541

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Table of contents

Foreword by Alberto Savoia     xiii
Foreword by Patrick Copeland     xvii
Preface     xxiii

Chapter 1: Introduction to Google Software Testing     1
Quality?Test     5
Roles     6
Organizational Structure     8
Crawl, Walk, Run     10
Types of Tests     12

Chapter 2: The Software Engineer in Test     15
The Life of an SET     17
Development and Test Workflow     17
Who Are These SETs Anyway?     22
The Early Phase of a Project     22
Team Structure     24
Design Docs     25
Interfaces and Protocols     27
Automation Planning     28
Testability     29
SET Workflow: An Example     32
Test Execution     40
Test Size Definitions     41
Use of Test Sizes in Shared Infrastructure     44
Benefits of Test Sizes     46
Test Runtime Requirements     48
Case 1: Change in Common Library     52
Test Certified     54
An Interview with the Founders of the Test
Certified Program     57
Interviewing SETs     62
An Interview with Tool Developer Ted Mao     68
An Interview with Web Driver Creator Simon Stewart     70

Chapter 3: The Test Engineer     75
A User-Facing Test Role     75
The Life of a TE     76
Test Planning     79
Risk     97
Life of a Test Case     108
Life of a Bug     113
Recruiting TEs     127
Test Leadership at Google     134
Maintenance Mode Testing     137
Quality Bots Experiment     141
BITE Experiment     153
Google Test Analytics     163
Free Testing Workflow     169
External Vendors     173
An Interview with Google Docs TE Lindsay Webster     175
An Interview with YouTube TE Apple Chow     181

Chapter 4: The Test Engineering Manager     187
The Life of a TEM     187
Getting Projects and People     189
Impact     191
An Interview with Gmail TEM Ankit Mehta     193
An Interview with Android TEM Hung Dang     198
An Interview with Chrome TEM Joel Hynoski     202
The Test Engineering Director     206
An Interview with Search and Geo Test Director
Shelton Mar     207
An Interview with Engineering Tools Director
Ashish Kumar     211
An Interview with Google India Test Director Sujay Sahni     214
An Interview with Engineering Manager Brad Green     219
An Interview with James Whittaker     222

Chapter 5: Improving How Google Tests Software     229
Fatal Flaws in Google’s Process     229
The Future of the SET     231
The Future of the TE     233
The Future of the Test Director and Manager     234
The Future of Test Infrastructure     234
In Conclusion     235

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