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How the Internet Works, 8th edition

  • Preston Gralla

Published by Que Publishing (November 21st 2006) - Copyright © 2007

8th edition

How the Internet Works

ISBN-13: 9780789736260

Includes: Paperback
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  • Paperback

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Table of contents


Part 1: Understanding the Internet’s Underlying Architecture

    Chapter 1 What Is the Internet?

    Chapter 2 How Computer Networks Send Data
Across the Internet

    Chapter 3 How TCP/IP Works

    Chapter 4 Understanding the Internet’s Software Structure

    Chapter 5 How Internet Addresses and Domains Work

    Chapter 6 How Routers Work

Part 2: Connecting to the Internet

    Chapter 7 How Computers Connect to the Internet

    Chapter 8
How Internet/Television Connections Work

    Chapter 9
How Wireless Connections and WiFI Work

    Chapter 10
How Home Networks Work

Part 3: Communicating on the Internet   

    Chapter 11 How Email Works

    Chapter 12 How Email Spam Works

    Chapter 13 How Newsgroups Work

    Chapter 14 How Internet Chat and Instant Messaging Work

    Chapter 15 How Skype and VoIP Work

    Chapter 16 How Blogging and RSS Work

Part 4: How the World Wide Web Works

    Chapter 17 How Web Pages Work

    Chapter 18 How Web Browsers Work

    Chapter 19 How Markup Languages Work

    Chapter 20 How Hypertext Works

    Chapter 21 How URLs Work

    Chapter 22 How Image Maps and Interactive Forms Work

    Chapter 23 How Web Host Servers Work

    Chapter 24 How Websites Work with Databases

    Chapter 25 How .NET and Web Services Work

    Chapter 26 How Grid Computing Works

Part 5: Using the World Wide Web

    Chapter 27 How Internet Searching Works

    Chapter 28 How Google Works

    Chapter 29 How Map Sites Work

    Chapter 30 How Wikis and Wikipedia Work

Part 6: Using Common Internet Tools

    Chapter 31 How Telnet Works

    Chapter 32 How FTP Works

    Chapter 33 How Agents Work

    Chapter 34 How Java, ActiveX, and JavaScript Work

    Chapter 35 How CGI Scripting Works

Part 7: Enjoying Entertainment and Multimedia on the Internet

    Chapter 36 How Music and Audio Work on the Internet

    Chapter 37 How iPods, iTunes, and Podcasting Work

    Chapter 38 How Music Sharing and File Sharing Work

    Chapter 39 How Multicast IP and the MBone Work


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