HP-UX 11.x System Administration 'How To' Book, 2nd edition

  • Marty Poniatowski

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This is the only systematic guide to administering the #1 version of UNIX, Hewlett-Packard's HP-UX. Completely updated for HP's new Release 11.0, it shows exactly how to configure your system, network it, use the System Administrator Manager package, interface with Windows NT, write shell programs, and much more.KEY TOPICS:New coverage includes: enhanced system management capabilities for single-server and multi-server systems; fast system recovery using the new 64-bit Journaled File System; using Dynamic Processor Deallocation to remove faulty processors without rebooting; enhancing availability through the Speed/Shrink memory dump; improved Internet integration; security features such as the Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) interface; managing Distributed Print Services enterprise-wide from a single workstation; and more.MARKET:All HP-UX system administrators.

Published by Pearson (December 28th 1998) - Copyright © 1999