Human Diseases, 8th edition

  • Mark Zelman
  • Elaine Tompary
  • Jill Raymond
  • Paul Holdaway
  • Mary Lou E. Mulvihill

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For all courses on basic pathophysiology in a wide range of undergraduate allied health programs, including medical office assisting, nursing, and dental hygiene.
This package includes MyHealthProfessionsLab™


Today's most accessible, accurate, current, and engaging introduction to basic pathophysiology.


Human Diseases: A Systemic Approach, Eighth Edition is today's most comprehensive visual survey of the common diseases affecting each body system. This edition has been extensively updated and reorganized to present the field's latest knowledge more efficiently and intuitively than ever. Organized by organ system, it contains completely rewritten chapters on cancer, the nervous system, mental illness and cognitive disorders, the urinary system, the respiratory system, heredity, the endocrine system, cardiovascular system, and blood; as well as an entirely new chapter on the eye and ear (special senses). Its superior pedagogy has been enhanced with stronger foundational coverage of disease mechanisms, new Healthy Aging and Promote Your Health features, and extensive new artwork.

Personalize Learning with MyHealthProfessionsLab
MyHealthProfessionsLab is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment program designed to work with this text to engage students and improve results. Within its structured environment, students practice what they learn and test their understanding to help them better absorb course material and understand difficult concepts.

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Table of contents

I: Mechanisms of Disease

1. Introduction to Disease

2. Immunity, Inflammation, and Immune Disorders

3. Infectious Diseases and Infection Control

4. Neoplasms

5. Heredity and Disease


II: Diseases of the Systems

6. Diseases and Disorders of the Cardiovascular System

7. Diseases and Disorders of the Blood

8. Diseases and Disorders of the Respiratory System

9. Diseases and Disorders of the Digestive System

10. Diseases and Disorders of the Urinary System

11. Diseases and Disorders of the Reproductive System

12. Diseases and Disorders of the Endocrine System

13. Diseases and Disorders of the Nervous System

14. Diseases and Disorders of the Special Senses

15. Mental Illness and Cognitive Disorders

16. Diseases and Disorders of the Bones, Joints, and Muscles

17. Diseases and Disorders of the Skin



A. Glossary

B. Answers to Interactive Activities

C.  Laboratory Tests and Diagnostic Procedures

D. Index


Published by Pearson (June 29th 2015) - Copyright © 2015