Human Geography: Places and Regions in Global Context, Updated Fifth Canadian Edition, 5th edition

  • Paul L. Knox
  • Sallie A. Marston
  • Michael Imort

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Human Geography: Places and Regions in Global Context takes a fresh approach to human geography, reflecting the major changes that have recently been impressed on global, regional, and local landscapes. These changes include the globalization of industry, the rise of China and India, the upwelling of ethnic regionalisms on the heels of decolonization and the formation of new states, the rapid urbanization of the periphery and the physical restructuring of cities, the transformation of traditional agricultural practices, the trend toward transnational political and economic organizations, and the dramatic advances in information and communication technologies. Human Geography: Places and Regions in Global Context introduces the many new ideas, concepts, and theories that address these changes while also teaching the fundamentals of human geography: the principles, concepts, theoretical frameworks, and basic knowledge that are necessary to more specialized studies.

Table of contents

1. Geography Matters
2. The Changing Global Context
3. Population Geography
4. People and Nature
5. Cultural Geographies
6. Interpreting Places and Landscapes
7. Geographies of Economic Development
8. Food and Agriculture
9. Political Geographies
10. Urbanization
11. City Spaces: Urban Structure

Published by Pearson Canada (April 6th 2018) - Copyright © 2019