Human Relations for Career and Personal Success, Fourth Canadian Edition, 4th edition

  • Andrew J. DuBrin
  • Terri M. Geerinck

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Human Relations for Career and Personal Success, 4CE successfully combines social science research findings with practical and accessible work-related features, making it an essential text to help you develop more effective and successful relationships in the workplace. Human Relations show you how to become more effective in your work and personal life through knowledge of and skill in human relations.

        Updated and expanded to emphasize developing human relations skills for the workplace in the new economy. New topics covered include material on life challenges, teamwork, and the impact of new technologies such as social networking. The fourth Canadian edition also features expanded Canadian content, including new statistics from the latest Canadian census, new Canadian research, and new Canadian illustrations and photographs.

Table of contents

Part 1: Understanding and Managing Yourself

  1. Human Relations and Yourself
  2. Self-Motivation and Goal-Setting
  3. Problem Solving and Creativity
  4. Achieving Wellness and Managing Stress
  5. Dealing with Life-Changes and Personal Problems
  6. Finding Happiness and Enhancing Your Personal Life


Part 2: Dealing Effectively With People

    7. Communicating with People

    8. Developing Intercultural Competence

    9. Handling Conflict and Being Assertive


Part 3: Developing Career Thrust

10. Getting Along with Your Manager or Team Leader

11. Getting Along with Co-workers and Customers

12. Developing Self-Confidence and Leadership Skills

13. Choosing a Career and Developing a Portfolio Career

14. Conducting a Job Search

15. Developing Good Work Habits

16 Getting Ahead in Your Career





Published by Pearson Canada (February 1st 2011) - Copyright © 2012