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Human Services: Concepts and Intervention Strategies, 11th edition

  • Joseph J. Mehr
  • Ronald Kanwischer

Published by Pearson (September 13th 2010) - Copyright © 2011

11th edition

Human Services: Concepts and Intervention Strategies

ISBN-13: 9780205787265

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Table of contents



PART I  Orientation and Perspective


1  Human Services: A New Direction    

What Is a Human Services Worker? Multiple Views    

Box 1.1: Typical Employment Titles for Human Service Workers    

Current Conceptions of Human Services Systems    

Box 1.2: “There She Lies, the Great Melting Pot”    

Social Policy and Human Services    


Discussion Questions   

Learning Experiences    


Recommended Readings    

Internet Sites    


2  A History of Helping    

The Dark Past of Helping    

Social Welfare: Toward a Community Approach    

Box 2.1: A History of Prejudice    


Discussion Questions  

Learning Experiences    


Recommended Readings    

Internet Sites    


PART II  Human Services: Defining Roles, Problems, and Boundaries


3  Human Service Workers: Agents of Change    

Human Services: A New Profession    

Role Functions of the Human Service Worker    

Human Service Workers: What They Really Do    

Human Service Workers in a Multicultural Society    

Competence and Credentialing    


Discussion Questions    

Learning Experiences    

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