Human Venture, The: A Global History, Volume 2 (since 1500), 5th edition

  • Anthony Esler

Human Venture, The: A Global History, Volume 2 (since 1500)

ISBN-13:  9780131835474

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An understanding of the history of the world—and understanding why this knowledge is important—has become essential for today's students. Benefiting from the unifying viewpoint of a single author, this lively two-volume narrative tells the story of human events on the move—the exciting event history of wars and politics, booms and busts, the rise and fall of empires, and more. It also reaches beyond the events that have shaped world history to trace the broader development of human institutions and ideas as they evolve through time. Special attention to art and ideas in each period and civilization.

Table of contents

Introduction: The Convergence of History.

IV. THE WORLD IN BALANCE (1350 - 1600).

15. The West Reborn: Europe in the Renaissance and Reformation.
16. The Muslim Center: Ottoman Turkey, Safavid Persia, and Mughal India.
17. Mandarins and Samurai: Ming China and the Emergence of Japan.
18. Power Beyond Eurasia: Songhai and Great Zimbabwe, the Aztecs and the Incas.


19. Caravels and Cannon: The Rise of Western Imperialism.
20. Barricades, Ballots, and Steam: The Transformation of Europe.
21. Liberators and Robber Barons: The Americas from Colonies to Countries.
22. Maxim Guns and Merchant Bankers: The Climax of Western Imperialism.
23. Maximum Guns and Merchant Bankers: The Climax of Western Imperialism.


24. A World Order Comes Unstuck: World War I and the Great Depression.
25. A Schizophrenic Age: Revolution and Totalitarianism Shake the World.
26. Blitzkrieg and Burning Cities: World War II and the American Predominance.
27. The Long Twilight Struggle and the Age of Uhuru: The Cold War and the End of Empire.
28. Skyscrapers and Shanty Towns: Rich Countries and Poor Countries.
29. From Eliot to Afro-Pop: Art and Thought Around the World.
30. The American Age and Its Foes: America, Globalization, and Terror.

Published by Pearson (July 2nd 2003) - Copyright © 2004