In a Field of Words: A Creative Writing Text, 1st edition

  • Sybil Estess
  • Janet McCann

In a Field of Words: A Creative Writing Text

ISBN-13:  9780130850355

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IN A FIELD OF WORDS is designed to help aspiring writers find words for their stories and give them shape. It includes guidelines for writing fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry and features invaluable tips and techniques for getting started, solidifying ideas, and finding help in all elements of writing. The text incorporates ample practice exercises and a FREE companion multi-cultural mini-anthology of work in all three genres (available upon request).

Table of contents

A Word of Introduction.

 1. Getting Started.

 2. Fiction.

 3. Creative Nonfiction.

 4. Poetry.

 5. Revising.

 6. Experimental Writing.

 7. Creative Writing Exercises.

Appendix A. Publishing in Journals.

Appendix B. Computers and Creative Writing.

Appendix C. Suggested Readings.


Published by Pearson (April 25th 2002) - Copyright © 2003