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Inclusive Early Childhood Education: A Collaborative Approach, 1st edition

  • Suzanne M. Winter

Published by Pearson (September 8th 2006) - Copyright © 2007

1st edition

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ISBN-13: 9780130423351

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While many are calling for collaboration to achieve inclusion, few are preparing teachers with practical methods on “how to” collaborate effectively with others. Emphasizing collaboration and communication techniques, Inclusive Early Childhood Education: A Collaborative Approach examines how to work with young children who have disabilities within typical preschool and day care settings. Using an interdisciplinary approach, the authors balance both the early childhood and early childhood special education perspectives and present strategies for creating a classroom where all children can learn. Cultural and linguistic diversity is discussed throughout, and authentic stories (based on real classroom scenarios) provide a context for chapter content.

Table of contents

Part I      An Effective Educator


Chapter 1: Teaching All Children

Chapter 2: A Professional Educator

Chapter 3: Collaborating with Families and the Community

Chapter 4: Diversity and Inclusive Classrooms


Part II    Creating a Classroom for All Children


Chapter 5: Planning Differentiated Curriculum and Instruction to Teach All Children

Chapter 6: Creating a Positive Social and Emotional Climate

Chapter 7: Designing an Inclusive Physical Environment

Chapter 8:  Managing, Guiding, and Organizing Your Classroom


Part III   Effective Teaching in an Inclusive Classroom


Chapter 9: Identifying Effective Teaching Strategies and Practices

Chapter 10: Differentiated Instruction with Individually Appropriate Support

Chapter 11: Assessing the Effectiveness of Your Inclusive Classroom

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