Inclusive Education: Stories of Success and Hope in a Canadian Context, 1st edition

  • Kim Calder Stegemann
  • Angela AuCoin

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Pre-service students enrolled in Inclusive Education or Special Education, a core foundation course, serve as the primary market for this case resource, Inclusive Education: Stories of Success and Hope in a Canadian Context


Secondary markets for this resource include post-degree certificate programs in special/inclusive education for in-service teachers, and educational leadership programs catering to administrators and principals.

This text presents nine in-depth case studies of children, youth, and young adults who have unique learning needs. Cases are diverse in terms of age of the students, level of functioning, and geographical location.  

Table of contents

Chapter 1 Overview of Inclusive Education

Chapter 2 History of Inclusive Education

Chapter 3 Theoretical Frameworks: Universal Design for Learning and Response to Intervention

Chapter 4 Wilson Case Study

Chapter 5 Gabrielle Case Study

Chapter 6 William Case Study

Chapter 7 Jake Case Study

Chapter 8 Margaret and Vance Case Study

Chapter 9 Jennifer Case Study

Chapter 10 Drake Case Study

Chapter 11 Elvin Case Study

Chapter 12 Leon Case Study

Chapter 13 Review of Case Studies and Commentaries

Chapter 14 Future Directions in Inclusive Education 

Published by Pearson Canada (January 3rd 2017) - Copyright © 2018