Industrial Electronics, 1st edition

  • James A. Rehg
  • Glenn J. Sartori

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This direct, easy-to-read book provides comprehensive coverage of industrial electronic topics, exploring the many processes used in the production of all goods and services. It contains abundant worked example solutions, problems tied to actual industrial electronic examples, and troubleshooting techniques. KEY TOPICS: Coverage of a broad range of industrial electronics topics includes all the traditional areas plus complete coverage of safety, troubleshooting, motors, PLCs, robots, process control, controllers and industrial networks. MARKET: For technology learners to better understandthe operation of the electronics used in industry.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction to Industrial Control Systems.


  2. Discrete Control Input and Output Devices.


  3. SolidState Devices in Industrial Applications.


  4. Operational Amplifiers and Linear ICs.


  5. SCRs, Triacs, and Other Thryristors.


  6. Discrete Automation Sensors and Devices.


  7. Analog Processes Control Devices and Sensors.


  8. Safety.


  9.  DC Motors and Control Circuits.


10.  AC Motors and Variable Speed Drives.


11. Special Purpose Motor and Control Devices.


12. Programmable Logic Controllers.


13. Embedded Microcontrollers.


14. Open and Closed Loop Process Control.


15. Industrial Robots and Automation Systems.


16. Data Communication between Intelligent Machines.


17. Glossary.

Published by Pearson (April 5th 2005) - Copyright © 2006