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Instrumentation Level 3 Trainee Guide, Paperback, 2nd edition

Published by Pearson (August 19th 2003) - Copyright © 2003

2nd edition

Instrumentation Level 3 Trainee Guide, Paperback

ISBN-13: 9780131026032

Includes: Paperback
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Table of contents

(Total Level Hours: 152.5)

12301-03 Instrument Fitter’s Math (20 Hours)

Discusses the application of right triangles in bending and installing tubing and conduit as it applies to instrumentation. Shows how to use a scientific calculator in applying instrumentation piping and fitting math.


12302-03 Layout and Installation of Tubing and Piping Systems (45 Hours)

Introduces piping and tubing layout procedures. Explains the steps in creating a hand-sketched isometric drawing that can be applied in the piping and tubing installation. Introduces methods and procedures used to measure, cut, and bend and support piping and tubing.


12303-03 Clean, Purge, and Test Tubing and Piping Systems (10 Hours)

Presents safe methods for cleaning, purging, blowing down, pressure testing, and leak testing tubing, piping, and hoses used in instrumentation.


12304-03 Receive, Inspect, Handle, and Store Instrumentation (2.5 Hours)

Covers different methods for the proper handling, storage, and inspection of instrumentation equipment.  


12305-03 Instrumentation Electrical Circuitry (25 Hours)

Covers the theory and operation of common instrumentation circuits.


12306-03 Grounding and Shielding of Instrumentation Wiring (10 Hours)

Teaches the basics of grounding and shielding, including how to identify and select types of shielded cable, how to properly shield the cable, and the NEC® requirements regarding grounding.


12307-03 Terminating Conductors (20 Hours)

Teaches methods, procedures, and standards used in terminating and testing common types of conductors used in the electrical and electronic wiring of instrumentation devices.


12308-03 Protective Measures for Instrumentation (20 Hours)

Covers protective measures applied in instrumentation installations, including heat tracing, chemical treatment, and insulation.

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