Interfacing Sensors to the IBM-PC, 1st edition

  • Willis J. Tompkins
  • John G. Webster

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  • presents hardware and software designs for interfacing a diversity of sensors to the IBM PC.
  • discusses each sensor and the associated electronic circuitry necessary to condition its output for interface to the PC.
  • considers sensors such as temperature sensors, photon sensors, flow sensors, and displacement sensors.
  • explains the theory and practice of signal conversion.

Table of contents

 1. Amplifiers.

 2. Grounds, Shields, and Power Supplies.

 3. Interfacing to the IBM PC BUS.

 4. Basic Signal Conversion.

 5. Serial RS-232-C Interfacing.

 6. Interfacing Temperature Sensors.

 7. Interfacing Optical Sensors.

 8. Interfacing Displacement Sensors.

 9. Interfacing Flow Sensors.

10. Interfacing User Input Devices.

11. GPIB (IEEE 488) Interfacing.

12. Telephone Communication.

13. Local Area Networks.

Appendix A: Manufacturers of Interface Hardware for the PC.

Appendix B: Port Definitions.

Appendix C: Digital Oscilloscope Program.


Published by Pearson (December 1st 1987) - Copyright © 1988