Interpersonal and Group Skills for Law Enforcement, 2nd edition

  • Terri M. Geerinck
  • C Tracey McGruthers

Interpersonal and Group Skills for Law Enforcement

ISBN-13:  9780131744684


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This text covers a combination of two distinct but related areas in law enforcement study: interpersonal skills and group dynamics. With a new workbook format, increased coverage of interpersonal skills, as well as updated and revised features, this text will prove invaluable for students of law enforcement, and will be a useful reference tool throughout their careers.

Table of contents



Part 1          Interpersonal Communication

Chapter 1         Introduction to Interpersonal Communication

Chapter 2         Self-Knowledge and Communication

Chapter 3         Interpersonal Communication and Perception

Chapter 4         Nonverbal Communication

Chapter 5        Verbal Communication

Chapter 6        Conflict Management and Problem Solving Skills

Chapter 7        Understanding and Managing Diversity

Part 2          The Dynamics of Groups and Teams

Chapter 8         Work Groups and Teams

Chapter 9         Community Relationships and Leadership Skills

Chapter 10       Adapting to Change

Published by Pearson Canada (November 1st 2006) - Copyright © 2007