Introduction to Animal Science, 1st edition

  • Leland S. Shapiro

Introduction to Animal Science

ISBN-13:  9780139209925

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Introduction to Animal Science by Leland Shapiro marries the art and science of raising livestock in a healthy, humane and profitable manner by presenting an applied approach to animal reproduction, genetics, nutrition, animal health and general management.

Written for students of general animal science, pre-veterinary, veterinary technology and equine science programs, Shapiro provides the following benefits to his users:

  • Balanced coverage of animal science and animal husbandry — discusses the "art" of raising specific species while covering all of the necessary science. Shapiro addresses animal rights and animal well-being issues, bringing awareness of the ethics of agriculture to students.
  • Broad coverage of species — includes information on dairy cattle, goats, beef cattle, sheep, swine, poultry, horses and rabbits, as well as unusual species, such as the llama and the ostrich, that have recently gained popularity within agricultural sectors.
  • Visual coverage — includes breed photos, veterinary photos and working college farm laboratory photos. This book's art program enhances the learning experience of students with no prior farm experience, as well as those with farm backgrounds.

A free CD ROM with each new copy of this edition features a self-test for every chapter, in a format that is engaging and fun and designed to ensure retention of the course material.

Table of contents

 1. Overview of Animal Science: Statistics, History, and Future.

 2. Animal Breeding and Genetics.

 3. Animal Reproduction.

 4. Animal Nutrition.

 5. Dairy Industry.

 6. Dairy and Meat Goat Industry.

 7. Beef Production.

 8. Sheep Production.

 9. The Swine Industry.

10. The Poultry Industry.

11. The Equine Industry.

12. The Rabbit Industry.

13. The Camelid (Lamoid) Industry.

14. Ostriches.



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