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Introduction to Classical Mechanics, 2nd edition

  • Atam P. Arya

Published by Pearson (August 8th 1997) - Copyright © 1998

2nd edition

Introduction to Classical Mechanics

ISBN-13: 9780135052235

Includes: Paperback
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Featuring state-of-the-art computer based technology throughout, this comprehensive book on classical mechanics bridges the gap between introductory physics and quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics and optics—giving readers a strong basis for their work in applied and pure sciences.KEY TOPICS:Introduces Mathcad, using it in to do mathematical calculations, solve problems, make plots and graphs, and generally provide more in-depth coverage and a better understanding of physics. Pays special attention to such topics of modern interest as nonlinear oscillators, central force motion, collisions in CMCS, and horizontal wind circulation. MARKET:For physicists and astronomers.

Table of contents

 1. Introduction to Newtonian Mechanics.

 2. Particle Dynamics in One Dimension.

 3. Harmonic Oscillators.

 4. Oscillating Systems.

 5. Vector Analysis, Vector Operators, and Transformations.

 6. Motion in Two and Three Dimensions.

 7. Central Force.

 8. System of Particles: Conservation Laws and Collisions.

 9. Rigid Body Motion: I.

10. Gravitational Force and Potential.

11. Nonlinear Coordinate Systems.

12. Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Dynamics.

13. Rigid Body Motion: II.

14. Theory of Small Oscillations and Coupled Oscillators.

15. Vibrating Strings and Fluids.

16. Special Theory of Relativity.


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