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Introduction to Graph Theory (Classic Version), 2nd edition

  • Douglas West
Introduction to Graph Theory (Classic Version)

ISBN-13:  9780131437371

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For undergraduate or graduate courses in Graph Theory in departments of mathematics or computer science.

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This text offers a comprehensive and coherent introduction to the fundamental topics of graph theory. It includes basic algorithms and emphasizes the understanding and writing of proofs about graphs. Thought-provoking examples and exercises develop a thorough understanding of the structure of graphs and the techniques used to analyze problems. The first seven chapters form the basic course, with advanced material in Chapter 8.

Table of contents

  • 1. Fundamental Concepts
  • 2. Trees and Distance
  • 3. Matchings and Factors
  • 4. Connectivity and Paths
  • 5. Coloring of Graphs
  • 6. Planar Graphs.
  • 7. Edges and Cycles
  • 8. Additional Topics (Optional)
  • Appendix A: Mathematical Background
  • Appendix B: Optimization and Complexity
  • Appendix C: Hints for Selected Exercises
  • Appendix D: Glossary of Terms
  • Appendix E: Supplemental Reading
  • Appendix F: References
  • Indices

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