Introduction to Parallel Computing, 2nd edition

  • Ananth Grama
  • Vipin Kumar
  • George Karypis
  • Anshul Gupta

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Introducation to Parallel Computing is a complete end-to-end source of information on almost all aspects of parallel computing from introduction to architectures to programming paradigms to algorithms to programming standards. It is the only book to have complete coverage of traditional Computer Science algorithms (sorting, graph and matrix algorithms), scientific computing algorithms (FFT, sparse matrix computations, N-body methods), and data intensive algorithms (search, dynamic programming, data-mining).

Table of contents

PART I: BASICS1. Parallel Programming Platforms2. Principles of Parallel Algorithm Design3. Analytical Modeling of Parallel Programs4. Basic Communication OperationsPART II: PARALLEL PROGRAMMING5. Parallel Programming Paradigms6. Programming Shared Address Space Platforms7. Programming Message Passing PlatformsPART III: PARALLEL ALGORITHMS AND APPLICATIONS8. Dense Matrix Algorithms9. Sorting10. Graph Algorithms11. Discrete Optimization Problems12. Dynamic Programming13. Fast Fourier Transform

Published by Pearson (February 4th 2003) - Copyright © 2003