Introduction to Professional Engineering in Canada, Fifth Canadian Edition, 5th edition

  • Gordon C. Andrews
  • J Dwight Aplevich
  • Carolyn MacGregor
  • Roydon A. Fraser

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Introduction to Professional Engineering in Canada is intended to explain the elements of what every beginning engineering student should know about the engineering profession in Canada, emphasizing basic skills and knowledge that are well known to practicing engineers and particularly useful to students.

Table of contents

Part I The Engineering Profession

Chapter 1 An Introduction to Engineering

Chapter 2 The Licensed Professional Engineer

Chapter 3 Professional Engineering Ethics

Chapter 4 Engineering Societies

Chapter 5 Learning Strategies


Part II Engineering Communications

Chapter 6 Technical Documents

Chapter 7 Technical Writing Basics

Chapter 8 Formal Technical Reports

Chapter 9 Report Graphics


Part III Engineering Measurements

Chapter 10 Measurements and Units

Chapter 11 Measurement Error

Chapter 12 Error in Computed Quantities

Chapter 13 Basic Statistics

Chapter 14 Gaussian Law of Errors


Part IV Engineering Practice

Chapter 15 Fundamentals of Engineering Design

Chapter 16 Project Management and Scheduling

Chapter 17 Safety in Engineering Design

Chapter 18 Safety, Risk, and the Engineer

Chapter 19 Environmental Sustainability

Chapter 20 The Engineer in Business

Chapter 21 Intellectual Property


Appendix    Answers to Quick Quiz and Selected Further Study Questions

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