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Introduction to Social Work, 12th edition

  • O William Farley
  • Larry Lorenzo Smith
  • Scott W. Boyle

Published by Pearson (June 29th 2011) - Copyright © 2012

12th edition

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A comprehensive and historical introduction to social work.


This book is part of the Connecting Core Competencies Series. This series helps students understand and master CSWE’s core competencies with a variety of pedagogy highlighted competency content and critical thinking questions for the competencies throughout.


With its balanced presentation of social work and social welfare, this text answers students' questions about social work and their social work education.


Introduction to Social Work, 12/e, helps students understand the importance of history and how it has shaped the social work profession. Cases help students apply theory to practice and provide a glimpse of what social workers do and the versatility of the profession.


Teaching & Learning Experience

  • Improve Critical Thinking – Includes critical thinking questions in margins.
  • Engage Students – Extensive case studies help students apply theory to practice. 
  • Explore Current Issues – Updated statistics include current data. Major areas updated throughout including school violence, mental illness, and other challenging issues.
  • Apply CSWE Core Competencies – Integrates the 2008 CSWE EPAS throughout – highlights competencies and practice behaviors and includes expensive pedagogy.
  • Support Instructors – An Instructor’s Manual and Test Bank, Computerized Test Bank (MyTest), BlackBoard Test Item File, and PowerPoint presentations are included in the outstanding supplements package.

Table of contents





Part I: Introduction
Chapter 1: What is Social Work?
Chapter 2: The Evolution of Social Welfare and Social Work in the United States
Chapter 3: Education for Social Work
Chapter 4: Generalist Practice and Introductory Theory
Part II: Social Work Practice
Chapter 5: Social Work Practice with Individuals
Chapter 6: Social Work Practice with Groups
Chapter 7: Social Work Practice with Communities
Chapter 8: Administration and Research
Part III: Social Work Services
Chapter 9: Mental Health Services
Chapter 10: Social Work in Health Care
Chapter 11: Social Work in Schools
Chapter 12: Social Security and Public Welfare
Chapter 13: Family and Child Welfare Services
Chapter 14: Correctional Services
Chapter 15: Services for the Aged
Chapter 16: Drug Abuse and Social Work
Chapter 17: Services with Minorities
Chapter 18: Social Work in Rural Areas
Chapter 19: Case Management
Part IV: Professional Development
Chapter 20: Social Work: A Maturing Profession
Chapter 21: Social Work Prevention and Enrichment
Chapter 22: Social Work and the Future





Part I: Introduction


Chapter 1: What Is Social Work?

Social Welfare

Social Work

Distinguishing Characteristics of Social Work

Social Work Careers

Sociology and Social Work

Psychiatry and Social Work

Psychology and Social Work

Counseling and Social Work

Social Work in the World Today


Practice Test


Chapter 2: The Evolution of Social Welfare and Social Work in the United States

Echoes of the Pas

European Roots

Beginnings in the United States

Public Assistance and Social Welfare Emerge

Services of Volunteers

Social Workers Appear

International Social Work


Practice Test


Chapter 3: Education for Social Work

Social Work Education

The Master’s Program

Evaluating Master’s Programs

The Baccalaureate Program

The Doctoral Program

Continuing Education

Student Participation in Social Work Education

Council on Social Work Education


Practice Test 


Part II: Social Work Practice


Chapter 4: Generalist Practice and Introductory Theory

Need for a Theoretical Framework

Introductory Inner and Outer Forces Paradigm

Additional Model Definition

The Life Cycle and the Inner and Outer Forces Model

Social Functioning

Levels of Social Functioning

A Base for Generalist Social Work Practice


Practice Test


Chapter 5: Social Work Practice with Individuals

Social Work with the Individual–A Generalist Approach

Clinical Social Work Defined         

History of Social Casework and Clinical Social Work     

Trends in Casework and Clinical Work     

The Practice Framework          

Methods of Clinical Social Work        

The Clinical/Direct Practice Process of Social Work        

The Multisystems Approach    


Practice Test 


Chapter 6: Social Work Practice with Groups        

Historical Developments       

Group Work Defined      

Group Work Models         

Formation of Groups

Selection of Group Members          

Preparation of Group Members        

Structuring the Group       

Stages of Groups    

Group Work Settings    


Practice Test


Chapter 7: Social Work Practice with Communities 

What Is Community Organization?   

Beginnings of Community Social Work        

Underlying Principles in Community Organization        

Community Social Work Processes    

Roles of the Community Organizer  


Practice Test


Chapter 8: Administration and Research       




Practice Test




Chapter 9: Mental Health Services  

Beginnings in Mental Health    

Elements of the Mental Health Network 

Essential Elements of Comprehensive Mental Health   

Special Problems and Issues in Mental Health   


Practice Test


Chapter 10: Social Work in Health Care        

Definition of Social Work in Health Care        
The Meaning of Illness          

The Role of Social Work in Health Care         

The Future of Social Work in Health Care Services             
Health Care Reform         

Prevention and Social Work         


Practice Test


Chapter 11: Social Work in the Schools

The Education Delivery System: New Approaches         

Problems Plaguing the Public Schools        

Beginnings in School Social Work         

Social Work Practice in Schools         

Social Work Using a Group Approach         

School Social Work and the Community         

Working with Minorities        


Practice Test


Chapter 12: Social Security and Public Welfare

Government’s Responsibility for Welfare

The Social Security Act

Government and Public Welfare


Practice Test


Chapter 13: Family and Child Welfare Services

Marriage/Partner and Family Counseling

Child Welfare Services

In-Home Care of Children

Foster Care of Children

Adoption Services

Child Protective Services



Chapter 14: Correctional Services

The Social Problems of Delinquency and Crime

Social Work and Corrections
Social Work Practice in Corrections
Processes and Principles

Social Services and Case Examples

Social Work in Institutions


Practice Test


Chapter 15: Services for Older Americans

Older Americans Act of 1965

White House Conference on Aging, 1971

Adequate Income

Appropriate Living Arrangements

Institutional Responsiveness and a New Attitude toward Aging

Independence and Dignity

George Black, A Peace Corps Volunteer

Joy in Working with Older People


Practice Test


Chapter 16: Drug Abuse and Social Work

Misused Drugs and What They Do

Extent and Cost of Drug Abuse

Programs for Control, Prevention, Treatment


Practice Test 


Chapter 17: Services with Minorities  

Minority Problems

Social Services

Educational Developments


Practice Test 


Chapter 18: Social Work in Rural Areas

Beginnings in Rural Social Work

Rural Social Work Practice

Roles of the Rural Social Worker

Rural Social Service Agencies

Distance Learning for Rural Social Work


Practice Test 


Chapter 19: Case Management

Historical Developments

Case Management Defined

Case Management Research


Practice Test 




Chapter 20: Social Work: A Maturing Profession

Criteria of a Profession
Historical Background
Social Work Today


Practice Test


Chapter 21: Social Work Prevention and Enrichment

Social Work Focus on Prevention

Problems Involved

Examples of Prevention

Implications of Prevention

Social Work Enrichment


Practice Test 


Chapter 22: Social Work and the Future

Professional Maturation
Increase in Services
Professional Identification and Visibility

Certification and Licensing

Spirituality in Social Work Practice

Changing Continuum in Social Work Education

Development of the Role of Consultant

Status of the Social Worker

Private Practice

The Aging of Our Population

Advocacy Role

Improved Public Relations

Rural Social Work


Expansion of Leadership Roles

Increase in International Social Work



Movement for Higher Quality


Practice Test



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