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Introductory Foods, 15th edition

  • Marion Bennion
  • Amanda Frye
  • Barbara Scheule
Introductory Foods

ISBN-13:  9780134552767

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For courses in introductory foods, nutrition and dietetics, family and consumer education, and culinary arts management.

A market-¿leading introduction to all things food
Introductory Foods is a practical, market¿-leading introduction to the fundamental principles of food preparation. It explores food science and technology, consumption trends, safety issues, government regulations, and the role of food in culture and health. A scientific approach to examining the ingredients and techniques used in food service environments makes this a well-rounded resource for courses with food preparation labs. The 15th edition makes food and its science more relevant to the lives of today’s college students, engaging them in discussions of topics such as farm-to-table, commercial and processed food, and vegan food products.

Table of contents

1. Factors Influencing Food Choices
2. Food Safety
3. Food Regulations and Standards
4. Equipment and Recipe Basics
5. Heat Transfer in Cooking
6. Seasonings, Flavorings, and Food Additives
7. Food Composition
8. Fats, Frying, and Emulsions
9. Sweeteners and Sugar Cookery
10. Frozen Desserts
11. Starch
12. Cereal Grains, Noodles, and Pasta
13. Flour Mixtures: Batters and Doughs
14. Quick Breads
15. Yeast Breads
16. Cakes, Cookies, and Crackers
17. Pies and Pastry
18. Vegetables and Vegetable Preparation
19. Alternative Proteins
20. Fruits and Fruit Preparation
21. Salads, Gelatin Salads, and Table Olives
22. Milk, Cheese, and Other Milk Products
23. Eggs and Egg Cookery
24. Meat and Meat Cookery
25. Poultry
26. Seafood
27. Beverages
28. Food Packaging and Preservation

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